Subproductos Animales Frigoríficos S.L

Subproductos Animales Frigoríficos S.L (SAF Guijuelo) is a company located in Guijuelo, it’s dedicated to the wholesale of pig’s by-products and meat. Down from here, you can find more information.

Frozen and refrigerated products


  Processed   productsBy-products / OffalMeats

Lard (envasada o a granel)


“Gorduras” of Iberian (ibérico) pig

Rib bone tip

Ribs, spine, “lizard” (lagarto o rabillo), lean, “penca”, double chin y lean rib
Bacon Loin              ibérico (Iberian) salty or debarkedLung, kidney, stomach, liver, tongue and heart.Ibéricos (Iberian): pluma (“feather”), papada (jowl), magro (lean), “prey” (ball), sirloin, secret (crosshead), headboard y lean rib


Our scope

  • We have a high experience in the Spanish market, we are known due to our commitment and quality.
  • We also stand out in the exporting field, selling products in the European Union and third countries with different requierements to intra-community ones.


We are a company based in Guijuelo (Province of Salamanca, Castilla y León, Spain), it’s the most important population center in the southeast of Campo Charro.

The municipality is known for its meat products industry os the Iberian pig (cerdo Ibérico). It even has the designation of “Origin Guijuelo” and its own Regulatory Council.

Thanks to this predominance of meat companies and slaughterhouses, our business is in the perfect context to develop its activity.